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Whether you have committed a crime or have been falsely accused of a crime, our most experienced and best Criminal Lawyers in Delhi will help you and defend you in court.

Our qualified Top Criminal Lawyers in Delhi handle serious & complex criminal cases, including murder, attempt to murder, culpable homicide, rape, robbery, kidnapping & abduction, sexual offenses, drunk & driving, domestic violence, drug crimes, hit & run, prostitution, and aggravated assaults, etc.

If you have been wrongly accused or you made a mistake, we will help you either way. We have the extensive legal expertise to deal with criminal cases. Rest assured, to handle your case we have the best Criminal Lawyer in Delhi High Court, Saket Court, Tis Hazari Court, Patiala House Court, Rohini Court, Dwarka Court, and all other courts of Delhi.

How our Best Criminal Lawyers in Delhi High Court will help you?

Criminal cases come to High Court after a decision has been made by a lower court. All crimes such as murder, rape, and aggravated assault are initially tried in trial courts. We also have criminal trial lawyer in Delhi at lower courts.But our best Criminal Lawyers in Delhi High Court protect your rights at every stage of your case, from filing an anticipatory bail to a regular bail to an appeal after conviction or an appeal to quash FIR against you.

We have a team of the best Delhi district court criminal lawyers and the best criminal lawyers in Delhi High Court.

Are you wrongly accused or made a mistake?

You would have never thought that you would be accused of a crime you have not committed. But when it turns out, you need a best criminal lawyer in Delhi by your side who understands the laws concerning your charges and know how to defend your rights in the courtroom. Our top criminal lawyers in Delhi will will defend you in court.

There are two types of criminal defense cases that we are familiar with:

The first type of case involves individuals whom we find have been wrongfully accused of a crime based on false evidence or testimony.

The second type of case involves individuals whom we find truly guilty but who need a second chance because they have committed a crime unintentionally by mistake.

If you have been wrongfully accused of a crime or you have committed a crime unintentionally by mistake, our lawyers are qualified to defend you at every stage in the court. We will walk with you every step of the way while defending your criminal charges, no matter what crime you have been accused of.

Will I be able to prove my innocence?

When you are arrested, the police want you to believe that they have all evidence against you and now you have no way of defense. They will try to convince you that your case is open-and-shut. Police officers speak in front of the accused like this in almost every case. But that doesn’t mean you have left with no way. The accused is considered innocent until proven guilty.

You have enough time and right to defend yourself in the criminal trial. You cannot be convicted unless charges against you are proven. The court cannot sentence you without the right to defend. The basic principle behind the right to a fair trial is that everyone should be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

Remember, according to Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, “no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except in accordance with the procedure established by law, nor shall any person be denied equality before the law or equal protection of the laws within the territory of India.”

It also includes a just and fair trial free of arbitrary procedures, implying that arrests must be lawful and justifiable.

We have the most experienced and qualified criminal lawyers in Delhi to defend you in court during criminal trials. We try our best to protect you at all costs and that starts immediately by contacting us as early as possible.

A Lawyer can Make or Break your Case

It is very important that you choose a criminal lawyer who is qualified and competent to defend you in court. The quality and experience of a criminal lawyer can make or break your case, leading to waivers of sentences or increasing punishments either. Defending complex criminal cases requires a seasoned lawyer and we have many seasoned lawyers who will defend you.

Hiring a seasoned criminal lawyer who is not afraid to take your case to court can greatly increase your chances of acquittal. We remain fearful and up to date on criminal defense laws to provide you with the best possible legal expertise and experience that you deserve.

How our Best Criminal Advocate in Delhi District Court can help you?

All crimes such as murder, rape, and aggravated assault are initially tried in trial courts – Saket Court, Tis Hazari Court, Patiala House Court, Rohini Court, Dwarka Court, Karkardooma Courts, and all other district courts of Delhi. So you need a criminal trial advocate in Delhi to defend you.

Our team of the Best Criminal Advocate in Delhi is among the most highly experienced, and we defend you regardless of your crimes in the lower courts of Delhi.

If you or your loved ones have been accused of a criminal offense, arrested, questioned, or asked to report to the police station or fear arrest, you need the best criminal advocate in Delhi and should immediately contact us. Our best Criminal Advocate in Delhi are always available to help you.

Rights of the accused under CrPC

An accused has certain rights during the investigation or trial of the crime. The rights of the accused are:

  • Presumption of Innocence
  • Right to know the ground of arrest
  • Right to be produced in front of Magistrate without delay
  • Right to have bail
  • Right to free, fair and speedy trial
  • Right to consult a Legal Practitioner
  • Right to free legal aid
  • Right to be examined by a Medical Practitioner
  • Right to privacy and protection against unlawful searches
  • Right to be present during trial
  • Right to get copies of documents
  • Right to cross-examination
  • Right to Humane Treatment in prison
  • Right to Appeal

These rights under the constitution are inherent rights and cannot be altered or changed.

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Best Criminal Lawyers in Delhi | Best Criminal Advocate
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