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Our Space lawyers in India advise about space policies and draft international treaties governing the activities and exploration of outer space. Our space lawyer in India may even help you negotiate these agreements and contracts. Our Space lawyers in India help you comply with existing space laws, regulations, and treaties.

Space Law in India

India’s space program began almost 60 years ago, but India still doesn’t have a space law governing space activities. It has been long overdue for India to introduce a space law. However, India is a signatory to the Moon Treaty of 1979.

Space activities in India have been fully managed by the Department of Space since its establishment in 1972. Prior to that, the Department of Atomic Energy was responsible for all administrative activities of the Indian space program. Until recently, there was never any need to enact a national space law or policy in India, as space was seen as an international issue rather than a national issue.

The Space Activities Bill 2017 was an attempt by the Government of India to bring significant changes to India’s space policy.

India’s Spacecom Policy 2020 which is expected to promote private investment is likely to come anytime soon. The policy aims to formulate norms, guidelines, and procedures including approval-mechanism to provide secure communication in India.

In June 2020, the Indian government established a new organization called ‘IN-SPACE’ (Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre). IN-SPACE is a single window nodal agency set up to facilitate the commercialization of space activities in India.

Global Space Industry

The space industry is growing exponentially. The value of the global space economy rose to $447B in 2020 and is projected to grow to $1 trillion by 2040. However, India’s share is only 2%, offering good potential for the new players.

Legal Challenges in Space Industry

The space sector is one of the most exciting growth areas for the Indian space industry, but it is also subject to complex and rapidly evolving regulatory requirements and India’s unique commercial challenges.

How our Space Lawyers in India can help you?

Our Space Lawyers in India are skilled and qualified to handle all your space-related legal matters. Our Lawyers will advise you on complex legal and commercial issues affecting your customers, service providers, manufacturers, and investors in the space sector.

Our team of space lawyers in India advised a number of technology companies and satellite launch companies on their transactions with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Our lawyers can help you facilitate the commercialization of your space activities in India.

You may email us to set up a no-obligation scoping conference call with our Space Lawyers in India.

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Space Lawyers in India | Best Space Lawyer in India
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