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Trademarks are precious and you should protect them. You deserve our experienced and Best Trademark Lawyers in India who are affordable, agile and efficient with an entrepreneurial approach. Our Best IPR Lawyers in India serve a diverse group of clients, including entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups, small businesses, and multinational companies.

We’re here to make sure your Trademark is protected from day one. At every stage of your trademark journey, we provide comprehensive advice and services related to the registration and protection of your trademarks in India. We immediately flag off and promptly report any regulatory changes, the influence of judgments, or legislative changes that may impact potentially your business in India.

We can also help you to register your trademark outside India. We have a trusted network of global trademark lawyers to handle trademark registrations, prosecution, enforcement, and litigation. Our trademark lawyers in India coordinate and manage effective and efficient trademark registrations across the world, through our network of associated foreign trademark lawyers.

Best Trademark Lawyers in India

Our trademark lawyers help you to understand your trademark rights and safeguard them in a practical, efficient, and cost-effective way. If your trademark rights are under threat, we’ll take swift, decisive action to defend and secure them. We will help you to protect your brand, innovation, and creativity.

Our trademark lawyers in India are creative thinkers, responsive, tech-assisted problem solvers. Our diverse knowledge and understanding of the legal landscape puts us in a unique position to advise you on every legal aspect of your trademarks.

Trademark Registration Process in India

The Trademark registration process in India involves multiple steps that require constant monitoring and follow-ups. You can apply for registration of a visual symbol, which may be a word, a name, a device, a label, a logo, a tagline, and anything else that gives it a distinct identity. A trademark registration grants you the exclusive rights to use your trademark. Owning a trademark provides a shield for your brand, innovation, identity, tagline, business ideas, goods, or services.

It is very important to trademark what belongs to you. So, you should understand the power of trademark registration and take steps to protect it today. If you want to know the steps of the trademark registration process in India, you may read an article here on the same.

Trademark Services by our Best IPR Lawyers in India

We provide services across the lifecycle of a trademark from creation and protection to commercialization and enforcement. Our approach is solution-oriented and cost-effective to achieve your business objectives which makes us one of the best Trademark Law Firms in India.


Creating a unique brand identity has its own unique advantage. Therefore, a detailed and careful legal assessment of risk through search is essential while creating a brand identity. We provide comprehensive trademark search services that discover risks beyond a simple trademark search.

Differentiating yourself from your competitors in the complex market has its own challenges. So, if you don’t define your brand, the world can’t understand how great you are or the value you bring to your customers.


Protection is critical, regardless of whether you’ve just started or are already a well-established brand. The brand protection process should start long before your brand becomes popular. Your brand is a valuable asset, and it will contribute to the growth of your business.

Trademark registration is an important foundation for effective brand protection. Trademark Registration defends against copying your brand. Registration also acts as a legal deterrent, and it gives you the right to pursue action against infringers. If you have a trademark registration, you can be confident that is on your side.

Our Trademark Lawyers in India will help you identify what to protect and file your trademark registration application that lays down an important foundation for effective brand protection.


Our lawyers can help you in licensing your brand to create new, data-driven revenue streams through appropriate mechanisms such as licensing, franchising, mortgage, etc.


Counterfeiting, piracy, and cybersquatting are global problems across countries and sectors, representing a multi-Billion-dollar industry globally that continues to grow.

We manage offline and online brand enforcement programs and investigations to address a broad spectrum of issues including counterfeiting, piracy, cybersquatting, parallel imports, trade dress claims, disparagement, etc.

Safeguarding your Trademarks in India

Our trademark lawyers provide practical and robust guidance for trademark registration to protection to enforcement for every business including:

  • Guiding you through the process of preparing, filing, and managing trademark registration applications and renewals.
  • Advising you on how to identify and protect trademark assets.
  • Drafting and negotiating your commercial agreements and contracts, including licenses, assignments, franchise agreements, joint ventures, collaboration agreements, and agency agreements.

You may email us to set up a no-obligation scoping conference call with our Trademark Lawyer.

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Best Trademark Lawyers in India | Best IPR Lawyers in India
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