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Affidavit Format for Bar Council Registration – using our Bar Council Enrollment Affidavit format will make your registration process easy and hassle-free.

You need to provide an affidavit of the intended place of practice and an affidavit of explanation of the gap (if applicable) duly attested by a notary public/oath commissioner made on Rs. 10 Non-Judicial Stamp Paper. You should make only one Affidavit clubbing your “intended place of practice” and “explanation of gap” details. There is no need to make two separate affidavits.

Simply edit our Affidavit format and provide information about your education, experience, and qualifications and swear to the statement of fact before a notary public. Get your Bar Council registration with our easy-to-use affidavit format. Find out Affidavit Format for Bar Council Registration and Affidavit of Intended Place of Practice Format in this article.

What is Affidavit Format for Bar Council Registration?

An affidavit for Bar Council registration in India is a legal document that is required to be submitted by an individual who is seeking to become a lawyer in India. Affidavit format for enrollment of Advocate is essential while applying for Bar Council Registration.

The Bar council Enrollment Affidavit serves as a statement of fact and must be sworn to or affirmed by the applicant before a notary public or other authorized official. It typically includes information about the applicant’s education, professional experience, and any other relevant qualifications or credentials.

The affidavit is usually required as part of the state Bar Council’s registration process, which is necessary for an individual to practice law in India.

Bar Council Affidavit Format

Here is a sample format for an affidavit for Bar Council registration:


I, FULL NAME, S/o FULL NAME, R/o complete address with Pincode, do hereby solemnly affirm:

  1. That I have passed the LL.B. examination from Name of University in the year 2022 and have applied for enrollment as an Advocate with the Bar Council of Delhi. It is already undertaken by me in the enrolment application that my place of practice will ordinarily be at Delhi.
  2. However, in case I shift my place of practice from Delhi to any other State, hereby undertake to get my enrollment transferred from Delhi to that state within 6 months of the change of place of practice as provided in Part-V, Chapter III, Rule 3 framed by the Bar Council of India under Section 49 (I) (ab) of the Advocate’s Act, 1961.
  3. That I have studied my LL.B. classes from Name of College at the address of college with Pincode, as a regular student, and during my study period, I stayed at College hostel or address you stay at during LL.B i.e. the place where my LL.B. classes were regularly held.
  4. That I undertake to disclose all information asked in the Application Form, truthfully and I understand that any omission to disclose or any misrepresentation shall render my registration invalid and liable to be cancelled.
  5. I undertake that I Graduated from Name of College in 2012, henceforth from 2012 to 2015, I was giving private tuition to children to maintain my family, and thereafter in 2015, I enrolled myself in LL.B. in Name of the College at the address of the college with Pincode. (if you have gap between your graduation and LLB, include this paragraph with your reason)
  6. I undertake that after completing my LL.B., during the gap period from 2018 to 2022, I was preparing for Judicial Services Examination. In between, it was also the years of COVID-19 Pandemic, therefore, I could not enroll in any Bar Council. (include this paragraph if with your reason, if applicable)


(Your Name)


Verified at______________ on this__________Day of____________, 2022, that the content of my above affidavit is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and nothing material has been concealed.


(Your Name)

Please Note: The affidavit is to be notarized, giving a declaration about your “intended place of practice” which has to be in your state (for example, Delhi or UP). The affidavit has to be made on Rs. 10 Non-Judicial Stamp Paper and get it notarized.

Bar Council Enrollment Affidavit Format for all states.

If you are looking for UP Bar Council Affidavit Format or Affidavit for Bar Council of Delhi or Affidavit Format for Bar Council of Maharashtra, the above Bar Council Affidavit Format for Bar will work in all states of Bar Councils.

Affidavit of Intended Place of Practice Format

The above affidavit format for bar council registration is also called an affidavit of intended place of practice format. This is combined affidavit format. No need to use any other affidavit for enrollment of advocate.

Download Affidavit Format for Bar Council Registration

You should prepare your affidavit carefully and provide all details honestly. If you want to download Affidavit Format, you can find it hereYou can modify this affidavit according to your need.

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Affidavit Format for Bar Council Registration | Download
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