Trademark Status

Refused Meaning in Trademark – Steps to Address

Decode the reasons behind “Refused Meaning in Trademark” with our guide. Don’t let rejection hold you back—follow our expert steps to revive and secure your brand’s identity now! In the context of trademarks, “refused” refers to the status of a trademark application that has been rejected or declined by the relevant trademark authority. Securing a […]

Navigating Trademark Status Accepted & Advertised

Unlock the secrets behind “Trademark Status Accepted” and “Trademark Status Accepted & Advertised” with our comprehensive guide. If you’re a business owner or individual protecting intellectual property, understand the significance and implications of each phase. Learn what’s next for your brand and ensure a smooth journey through trademark registration. When it comes to safeguarding your […]

Understanding Protection Granted Trademark Status

“Protection Granted Trademark Status” refers to the legal safeguards and exclusive rights provided to the owner of a registered trademark. When a trademark is granted protection, it means that the mark has successfully gone through the registration process with the relevant trademark office, and the owner is now entitled to certain rights and benefits. In […]

Understanding Vienna Codification Time Taken for Trademark

Discover the key factors influencing Vienna Codification time taken for trademark status. When it comes to protecting intellectual property, understanding the Vienna Codification time taken for trademark status is crucial. Unlock the secrets of Trademark Status Send to Vienna Codification. Discover what it means and why it’s crucial for your brand protection strategy. Stay ahead in […]

Trademark Status Ready for Show Cause Hearing

Trademark status “Ready for Show Cause Hearing” means the application has been marked for hearing before the trademark hearing officer. This status is usually visible after the Reply to Examination Report is filed. The trademark registration journey involves several crucial stages, and one significant milestone is the “Ready for Show Cause Hearing” status. This status […]

Trademark Status Meaning You Need to Know – Your Best Guide

Trademark Status Meaning You Need to Know: Trademark application status is a term that refers to the current state of a trademark application. There are several different trademark statuses in India that can be assigned to a trademark. Each status carries a different meaning and signifies a different stage in the process of obtaining a […]

Trademark Status Opposed: 2 Ways to Clear Opposed Trademark

Trademark status opposed means an objection has been filed by a third party against registration of your trademark. If you see your trademark status opposed on the Indian Trademark Status website, that means your trademark registration has been opposed by a third party. Any person or company may file an opposition with the Trademark of Registrar. ‘Advertised’ […]

Trademark Status Withdrawn: 1 Tip to avoid Withdrawal of Trademark

If you see your trademark status withdrawn on the Trademark Registry website, that means you have filed a request to withdraw your trademark registration application voluntarily. What is Trademark Status Withdrawn? Registering a trademark gives you exclusive rights to it as well as protects it from being used by others. But not all trademark application […]

Trademark Status Abandoned: 2 Ways to clear Abandoned Trademark

If you see your trademark status abandoned on the Indian Trademark Status website, that means you have not responded to the query or concern raised by the trademark registrar within the stipulated time period prescribed under the Trademark Act, 1999. An abandoned trademark application is no longer recognized or validated by any trademark registry office. […]

Trademark Status Refused: 2 Ways to Clear Refused Trademark

Trademark status refused means that the Trademark Registrar has refused to register your trademark either under Section 9 or Section 11 of the Trademarks Act, 1999. If your trademark status is refused, you must be having a question in your mind “what is the meaning of the trademark application status is Refused”. Not all trademark […]

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