Trademark Status Withdrawn: 1 Tip to avoid Withdrawal of Trademark

If you see your trademark status withdrawn on the Trademark Registry website, that means you have filed a request to withdraw your trademark registration application voluntarily.

What is Trademark Status Withdrawn?

Registering a trademark gives you exclusive rights to it as well as protects it from being used by others. But not all trademark application gets registered. You may also see the status of your trademark registration application as “Withdrawn”.

What is the meaning of the trademark application status withdrawn?

If your trademark status is withdrawn, you must be having a question in your mind “what is the meaning of the trademark application status withdrawn”. The withdrawal of a Trademark registration application is the process where you can withdraw your trademark application before it is registered. After submitting a trademark registration application, you can withdraw it by filing a withdrawal request.

How do I withdraw a Trademark Application?

When you realize that your trademark is not acceptable by the registrar, you may also request the withdrawal of your trademark application before the Hearing Officer.

The Hearing Officer will review your withdrawal request and update the same in the Trademarks Registry record. Once you have withdrawn your trademark registration application you will not have any right over the trademark.

The guidelines to find and view details of Registered Trademarks and Trademark Registration Application Status can be accessed here.

Trademark Withdrawal Process

A trademark application can be withdrawn at any point in time. You can also do it by on your own or the same can be done by providing a power of attorney to a Trademark Lawyer. A trademark lawyer will charge a reasonable fee for completing the trademark withdrawn process.

You can request for withdrawal of your trademark registration application in these easy steps:

  • Preparing the Checklist
  • Filing Online Application
  • Filing of the E-Form
  • Filing Application in writing
  • Trademark Withdrawn

Also, for Trademark withdrawal, the applicant needs to provide the Trademark Application Number as well Power of attorney to the legal professional.

You should be aware that a trademark can be withdrawn only during the registration process. Once your trademark is registered, you have to apply for trademark cancellation. After trademark registration, withdrawal is not allowed.

Reason for Withdrawal of Trademark

Reason for withdrawal of a trademark registration application are following:

  • You think that trademark registration is a time-consuming process, and it is costing you a lot.
  • You have decided to shut down your business.
  • They found that your trademark can not be registered.
  • You do not want to continue your business with the same trademark.

How to avoid Withdrawal of your Trademark Registration Application

Bonus Tip 1: You can avoid withdrawal of your trademark application easily if you planned it advance. The trademark registration process in India is not a difficult task, its easy and straightforward. A few basic and simple steps may help you to avoid withdrawing your trademark registration. If you have not filed your trademark registration application yet, follow these 10 steps to avoid withdrawal of your trademark registration application.

To avoid withdrawal of your trademark registration, you must respond to reports or communications from trademark registrars or examiners in a timely manner and keep track of your trademark registration process so that no information gets lost.

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