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Where to file Trademark Infringement case in India?

There is often confusion among trademark owners about where to file trademark infringement case in India when they see the possibility of trademark infringement. In a trademark infringement case, the owner of the registered trademark can take legal action against the party that is infringing on their trademark rights. The legal remedies for trademark infringement […]

How to get CDSCO License – Registration Guide

Obtaining a CDSCO license is necessary for any company or individual who wants to manufacture, import, or sell pharmaceuticals or medical devices in India. This license is issued after a thorough review and assessment of the products, facilities, and processes of the company. Having a CDSCO license ensures that the products being sold in the […]

What are the Remedies for Domain Name Disputes?

There are several legal remedies for domain name disputes available to you if you believe that someone has registered a domain name that infringes upon your trademark or intellectual property rights. It is important to note that the legal process for resolving domain name disputes can be lengthy and costly, and it is often advisable […]

AIBE Exam 18 2023 Registration, Fees, Exam Date, Syllabus

The AIBE Exam 18 2023 date is October 29, 2023. Online registration has been start from August 16, 2023 and will end on September 30, 2023. The Bar Council of India has announced the All India Bar Examination schedule and released the dates. Please note that the passing percentage has been fixed 45% for GEN/OBC […]

Trademark Status Meaning You Need to Know – Your Best Guide

Trademark Status Meaning You Need to Know: Trademark application status is a term that refers to the current state of a trademark application. There are several different trademark statuses in India that can be assigned to a trademark. Each status carries a different meaning and signifies a different stage in the process of obtaining a […]

What to do if I am accused of Trademark Infringement?

If you are accused of trademark infringement and a trademark infringement case is filed against you, you must consult a trademark infringement lawyer immediately to minimize legal and financial consequences. It is advisable to contact a trademark infringement lawyer once you receive a notice of a trademark infringement case. The lawyer will be in a […]

Space Lawyers in India | Best Space Lawyer in India

Our Space lawyers in India advise about space policies and draft international treaties governing the activities and exploration of outer space. Our space lawyer in India may even help you negotiate these agreements and contracts. Our Space lawyers in India help you comply with existing space laws, regulations, and treaties. Space Law in India India’s […]

Best Trademark Lawyers in India | Best IPR Lawyers in India

Trademarks are precious and you should protect them. You deserve our experienced and Best Trademark Lawyers in India who are affordable, agile and efficient with an entrepreneurial approach. Our Best IPR Lawyers in India serve a diverse group of clients, including entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups, small businesses, and multinational companies. We’re here to make sure your Trademark […]

Cybersquatting Lawyers in India | Best Cyber Lawyers in India

The growth of the digital economy makes Domain Names valuable business assets and a Trademark in the digital world. Cybersquatting Lawyers in India and around the world deal with domain name disputes every day. Cybersquatting has become one of the big problems faced by many online businesses globally. Cybersquatting Lawyers in India We are Cybersquatting Lawyers […]

Best Criminal Lawyers in Delhi | Best Criminal Advocate

Whether you have committed a crime or have been falsely accused of a crime, our most experienced and best Criminal Lawyers in Delhi will help you and defend you in court. Our qualified Top Criminal Lawyers in Delhi handle serious & complex criminal cases, including murder, attempt to murder, culpable homicide, rape, robbery, kidnapping & […]

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